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City Hall - a glimpse of New Hampshire's future

"I just naturally assumed it was some of my business." -- Marge Simpson


We have just discovered that the Town of Grafton has something called a "BUILDING NOTIFICATION". Seems the Selectmen require you to ask them like they're your mommy if you want to build on your own Private Property. This somewhat negates John Babiarz's belief that, since there is no such thing as a "Certificate of Occupancy", the Town of Grafton respects Private Property Rights.
We'll just have to work around that and keep taking names. So far it doesn't seem to be abused, but of course that's how ALL Oppression starts! It may be that it is not a matter of PERMISSION, but if not then why require it at all? The fact is that the Selectmen "REVIEW" the Notifications, and that's scary.
The Free Town Project intends to liberate Grafton, New Hampshire by moving in enough libertarians and Free State Project members to outvote the Authoritarians and Statists in the Town and remove offensive Regulation, such as Planning, Mandatory Recycling, and Building Code Enforcement.
How Grafton was chosen

Grafton currently has NO Zoning, NO Building Inspector, and NO "Certificates of Occupancy".
We intend to keep it that way. One of our first acts will be to abolish the Planning Board.
We shall also withdraw Grafton from the School District, making Grafton its own School District.
Then we shall reduce the Town School Tax to ZERO by the simple expedient of granting a Property Tax Abatement to anyone who asks for one.
The proper function of the Town Government ought to be to find ways to protect its Residents, not to use State Laws against them!
We shall enact ByLaws pursuant to RSA 236:124 to protect the residents of Grafton from the State Law forbidding more than two junk cars on Private Property. So far, the only thing the Selectmen have done has been to threaten their Residents with Enforcement of the State Law, never to protect them from it.
We shall also take advantage of the Statute that allows the Town Government to exempt its residents from the Evil Unconstitutional State Law that forbids conducting business on what that State Law Unconstitutionally refers to as "THE LORD'S DAY".
We also intend to ensure that the Town Police are never allowed to waste valuable Town resources (taken from the residents as Taxes, AT THE POINT OF A GUN) to oppress our residents by the investigation or enforcement of violations of Laws that punish Truancy ("Compulsory Schooling"), Drug Trafficking, Prostitution, Obscenity, Organ Trafficking, BumFights, and other Victimless "Crimes".
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Artist's Conception of the Free Town

The Town of Dalton was the first Town we considered. We discovered that, although they do not require Building Permits for residential construction, they do technically have ZONING and can therefore use it to oppress us. Therefore we have found another Town that is far more suitable: Grafton.
(Not that Dalton is completely out of the running:)
"If you folks give Dalton a re-think, give us a holler. With our most recent land purchases this spring we own 1550 acres in Dalton with 6 miles of road frontage. We would be happy to see a change in town administration."
The Town of Grafton is more suitable for our Free Town. Come on down! (or up)

Information about Grafton Property Owners
Now with a draft of the TEXT file of all Property Owners' Names & Addresses

The Grafton "Focus" publication (Notice that the abused citizens - those being required to ask permission from the petty Hitlers - outnumber the Oppressors!)

Some of the Freedoms libertarians hope to bring to the Free State of New Hampshire

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