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Grafton, New Hampshire                           May 29,2004

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*The Free State Project writes, if the Police Chief abuses his power, he can be voted out of office, and the Planning Board, just like the Selectmen, a, busybody board--could soon be cleansed of aspiring power-trippers.


Selectmen’s Meeting – May 5, 2004

Present:  Frank Neufell, Chairman, Steve Darrow, Selectmen, Bonnie J. Haubrich, Administrative Assistant, Mary Warren, Merle Kenyon, Police Chief, Dennis McKean and Mike Duffy.


Frank noted that due to Jennie’s absence he would Chair this evening’s meeting.


Minutes of April 21, 2004:  Steve noted a typo error re:  junk yard/car recycling, word should read, “how” not “haw”.  Frank stated that he had noted a couple of typo errors also.  Motion by Steve to accept the Minutes of April 21, 2004, noting typo errors.  Frank agreed.


Current Use Application – Philip and Wendy Forest, Map 15, Lot 843, Blueberry Hill RD:  The current use application for Philip and Wendy Forest was reviewed and accepted.


Current Use Application – Land Use Change – Ghislain and Margaret Daigle, Map 7, Lot 0289, Brock Hill Road:  The Selectboard denied the land use change current use application as the Board cannot, by law, approve such.  Steve and Frank both explained the process in which land is removed from current use.  The landowner must start construction, excavate earth or the land no longer meets the minimum lot size to qualify.  Frank noted that the Daigles simply need to deed the land to their son (either by subdividing or allowing building on their property (as the lot size conforms with Grafton’s 2-acre minimum), which would remove the land from current use.  At this point the Town would levy the penalty and taxes.


State of New Hampshire Dept of Transportation – Critical Bridge Deficiency:  The Board reviewed a letter from the State of New Hampshire, Department of Transportation regarding the deficiencies of Grafton Bridge # 161/135, Mill Brook Road over Mill Brook.  The letter noted a crack in the stringer on the bridge and the need to post the bridge for a 3-ton weight limit and passenger cars only.  Mary Warren noted to the Board that the emergency vehicles, such as fire trucks and ambulances, cannot respond to the residents via Mill Brook Road and requires them going all the way around for access.  The Board discussed the need to address which bridge would be recommended for replacement.  Bonnie advised the Board that later in the agenda there is an application for bridge aid.


New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services – Approval for Subdivision – Darrell Deschenes, Map 14, Lot 315-4, Johnson Lane:  The Board reviewed the approval for subdivision from the New Hampshire Dept of Environmental Services on behalf of Darrell Deschenes.  Frank noted that the subdivision still needs to be approved by the Grafton Planning Board.


State of New Hampshire – FEMA Grant – snow event – December 2003 - $3,312.23:  Frank noted that the Town has received FEMA monies in the amount of $3,312.23 for a snow event in December 2003.  Steve stated that Bob Bassett, Road Agent, had done a nice job in submitting the paperwork for the grant.


Dept of Administrative Services – Surplus Distribution Section – Membership agreement:  The Board signed the membership agreement, which enables the Selectmen and the department heads to purchase from the Surplus Distribution Center. 


State of New Hampshire – Dept of Transportation – Application for Bridge Aid:  Discussion ensued regarding the need for bridge replacements in Town.  Steve and Frank both agreed that since the monies had originally been raised for the replacement of the Millbrook bridge and that the deficiency report from the State of New Hampshire supported the need, the next bridge to be replaced would be Millbrook, bridge 161/135.  The form was signed by the Board.


Danbury Planning Board – Notice of Public Hearing – US Route 4 – Douglas and Kathleen Kelly, Map 407, Lot 004 – May 11, 204 @ 8:00 p.m.:  Frank noted that since the Town is an abutter to this property, we had been notified regarding the public meeting to take place.


9-1-1 Address – John Thompson, Jr. – Kinsman Road:  The Board reviewed the request for a 9-1-1 address on behalf of John Thompson, Jr.  Bonnie has submitted the paperwork to the State of New Hampshire, Emergency Communications.


June Burrington, Town Treasurer:  June was present to discuss the need to borrow monies.  She noted that she felt it necessary to borrow $500,000 in order to cover the Town’s bills and meet the 5 school payments through October in the amount of $485,926,25.  June noted the need to borrow was due to the warrant articles approved by the voters, the increase in the school payments and to cover the costs for the Sargent Hill bridge.  Frank asked if we would credit the monies received from the State for the Sargent Hill bridge, once received.  June said she would check with the bank to see if those monies could be credited to the loan.  June stated that the Town Clerk needs to be notified as she needs to provide a notarized copy of the Deliberative Minutes indicating permission to borrow and that the paperwork needs to be reviewed and approved by the Town attorney.  Frank informed June that the Town could anticipate the funds from the property revaluation as Jennie had written and requested the transfer of those funds.


Building Notification – Michael and Karen Selinga, Map 3, Lot 1008, Brock Hill Road:  A building notification for an addition to an existing building was signed by the Board for Michael and Karen Selinga.


Invoice to the State of New Hampshire, Dept of Resources & Economic Development (Forest Fire Fighters compensation):  The Board signed an invoice for Grafton fire fighters who recently covered grass/forest fires in Grafton and Enfield.


New Hampshire Dept of Revenue – Community Assistance Reports:  Frank noted that whenever a representative from the New Hampshire Department of Revenue visits the Town a Community Assistance Report to generated which addresses what was discussed with the Town representative. 


State of New Hampshire – Department of Revenue – 2003 Equalized Valuation:  The Board reviewed a letter from the Department of Revenue Administration regarding the town’s sales-assessment ratio and the formula for this information.  The total of base valuation for debt limits (including utility valuation and railroad monies reimbursement) is $84,732,790. 


Real Data Report – 2003/2004 Property Sales:  The Board reviewed the report from Real Data which lists all of the properties sold in Grafton for 2003/2004 and the amount that the properties sold for.  Frank asked Bonnie to always make a copy of this report for him.


Certified Mail – Received/picked up certified mail regarding junk yards/junk – Judkins, Davis Road, Neville & Qunital – Lower Meadow Road, McKean, Slab City Road:  Frank noted that there has been six (6) letters sent to property owners regarding junk yards/junk and the need to clean up the property before court action is taken.  Frank noted that 3 of the letters had been signed for and he stated that a property owner on Kinsman Road has done a good job in cleaning up his property, although his letter has not been signed for yet.


Recycling cans & bottles (Jennie):  Jennie has researched the Town of New London and their process for collecting aluminum cans and bottles, but since Jennie was absent this evening, the issue was tabled for Jennie’s input.


Bonding – Administrative Assistant:  Bonnie noted that she had phoned the New Hampshire Liability Trust regarding the need to bond the Administrative Assistant, at the request of the Auditors, and was informed that only those positions required by State Statue are bonded, but that the Administrative Assistant is automatically financially covered within the liability insurance.  Bonnie had requested a copy of the insurance policy, stating such, and has received it.  Frank noted that the Auditors should receive a copy for their records.


Application for Drive Permit – State of New Hampshire – Albert Morgan, Map 11, Lot 0332, Main Street:  The Board reviewed the application for Albert Morgan, Main Street, for a state approved driveway.  Mr. Morgan is requesting a second driveway from the State as he is placing a mobile home on the property as a second building.


horizons Engineering PLLC – Mike Duffy:  Mike Duffy was present on behalf of horizons Engineering, PLLC, with a proposal for groundwater sampling for the Grafton landfill closure.  Mike explained that he has left Provan & Lorber, why he left, and that he is now employed by horizons.  Steve stated that he was under the impression that we are no longer under contract with Provan & Lorber and able to enter into an agreement with another firm.  Frank asked Mike if he was privy to the Provan & Lorber information in order to check with compliance as the Town had recently received communication from the State indicating that we were negligent in compliance.  Frank stated that the Selectboard had contracted with Provan & Lorber and expected that all the necessary requirements and deadlines had been met so they were surprised to receive this letter indicating otherwise.  Mike asked that Bonnie copy and fax copies of the letters from the State to his office so that he might research it.  Frank stated that he would take horizons’ information and ask Jennie to preview it also.  Mike informed the Board that Jennifer from horizons would work with the Town, if they were selected.  Frank noted that the Town would respond within a week to the proposal.  Mike informed the Board that the contract is almost half the contracted amount that Provan & Lorber requested.  Mike thanked the Board for the opportunity to meet with them.  The Board thanked Mike for coming in.


Police Department Grant – “Grafton Corridor DWI Saturation Patrols” :  Merle reported that the Grafton Police Department has received a grant in the amount of $300. for personnel services during the period of July 30 – 31, 2004 to step up patrol in the Grafton corridor for DWI prosecution.


Police Report for the month of March:  The Board reviewed the police report for the month of March.


Election Booths:  The Board reviewed the information for the purchase of additional voting booths and a new handicap voting booth to comply with the Americans With Disabilities Act.  Discussion ensued regarding the 2 companies and noted that both companies were comparable in price.  Frank instructed Bonnie to purchase a 4-booth set and 1 handicap booth and charge it to the Contingency Account.  Steve agreed with the purchase.  Bonnie, as Moderator, thanked the Board and remarked that some voters had left the polling place in March due to the long waiting lines.


Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests – Monitoring Report:  The Board reviewed a letter from the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests.  He informed Steve that once a year the Society requests that the Board of Selectmen walk the property of Colonel Quigg’s property on Kinsman Highway to ensure that no development has taken place.  Frank stated that the neither Town nor Selectmen receive any compensation for this and that the Town actually loses revenue having the property in protection.  He further noted that he has walked the boundaries for quite a few years and felt it was unreasonable to request these services.  Steve and Frank agreed that it should not be the responsibility of the Board and that the Society should send someone to carry out the inspection. 


FEMA – National Flood Insurance Program:  The Board reviewed the information sent by the New Hampshire Bureau of Emergency Management regarding the National Flood Insurance Program. 


Delinquent Property Taxes:  Frank asked Bonnie to get a list from Donna Dugan, Tax Collector, and set up meetings in the near future for the property owners to meet with the Selectboard to discuss their intentions.


Other Business:

Recycling Center – Paper Container:  Frank stated that he has been unable to phone to get the new paper container as he had asked the Road Agent to prepare the site for it to be placed and he has not taken down the berm and one of the Highway crew had knocked a tree down onto the wires at the Recycling Center which needs to be removed.  Frank asked Steve to meet with Bob and discuss the need for this to be done in the near future.  Frank stated that he cannot initiate the phone call to get the container until the site is prepared.


Joint Loss Management Committee:  Police Chief Kenyon noted that he is unable to locate the file on the Joint Loss Management Committee in order to fill out the form that is required, by law and penalty to file each year.  Bonnie noted that she will look in the Selectmen’s files to see if she can locate one and if not, she will call the State of New Hampshire and request a copy of the form.


New Radio – Police Department:  Frank asked Merle if he had purchased the radio yet, which will be paid for by grant monies.  Merle noted that he has phoned Ossipee Mt. But that they have not returned his calls.  He stated that he has located a company in Concord and they informed him that they will be having a half price sale in the fall.


Safety Committee:  Frank noted that Merle had set up a meeting for the Safety Committee, secured the date with Frank and that Frank had totally forgotten the meeting.  Frank apologized to Merle but noted that Merle was able to hold the meeting without him.


Building Notification:  Discussion ensued that a new property owner on Millbrook has begun construction of an addition without a building notification being approved by the Selectboard.  There was also a question of proper septage disposal.  Bonnie will send a letter requesting information on both.


Dennis McKean – Slab City Road:  Mr. McKean was present to discuss the letter he had received from the Selectmen regarding junk vehicles on his property.  He informed the Board that of the 9 vehicles on his property, 7 of them had legal registrations, one was his plow rig and one was to be restored.  Dennis noted that he was not in violation of the RSA regarding junk yards/junk.  Steve said that he felt the complaint against Dennis, by his neighbors, had a direct relation to the fact that he had been crushing vehicles and that the fluids were being absorbed into the earth.  Dennis stated that since there is no zoning and there are various self-proclaimed businesses in Grafton, he asked the Board to identify the difference between junk yards and people who were providing services of repair.  He asked for a copy of the guidelines that the Board uses.  Frank stated that the law says 2 or more unregistered vehicles, or the equivalent in parts to make 2 or more vehicles constitutes a violation.  Frank said that the Board had received a complaint of junking/crushing vehicles for resale (not against Dennis) and that the Board cannot single out one person, therefore the need to identify the obvious.  Dennis asked what constitutes a legal business.  Frank said that a legal business will have a posted sign or be registered with the State of New Hampshire.  Dennis noted that he has been cleaning up his property and had planned on having the property landscaped, but what encouragement did he have if his neighbors were collecting junk and aluminum and Conkey was driving up and down Slab City Road to pick up these materials every week, devaluating his property.  He stated that his next door neighbor has junk in the yard and piles of dirt and that the neighbor had not received notice.  He stated that he is willing to clean up and comply but that the Board needs to address all of the other property owners and enforce the law for everyone.  Frank stated that some properties are more conspicuous than others and that Dennis lives on a major road.  He encouraged Dennis to clean up the property and then run an auto repair business, not crushing cars and contaminating the earth.  Dennis indicated that he is in the process of building a 28 x 40 garage and running a part-time auto repair business.  He said that he is annoyed that certain people complained about him and not his neighbors.  Dennis told the Board that his tenant has a pile of tires and asked if he should require his tenant to remove the tires.  Police Chief Kenyon noted that Mr. McKean had not problem if what he said is true regarding the fact that the 7 cars were legally registered and that he simply needed to refrain from crushing cars.  Frank asked Dennis if he was going to be in compliance by May 31st.  Steve thanked Dennis for coming in and sharing his concerns.  Steve noted that the Board wants to be fair with everyone, but that he must not crush cars.  Dennis said that if he is made to comply he will expose all of the other people in Town doing the same.  Merle instructed Dennis in the process of filing a complaint; write a letter to the Selectmen, the Selectmen have 30 days to respond and then the issue is turned over to the Attorney General.  Frank again outlined the process and the reason for the complaint to Dennis and informed Dennis that his meeting with the Board was over.


Motion to adjourn by Steve @ 8:45 p.m.  Seconded by Frank.  Both in favor.

Respectfully submitted:  Bonnie J. Haubrich, Administrative Assistant to the Board of Selectmen.


Selectmen’s Meeting - May 19, 2004

Present:  Jennie Joyce, Chairman, Steve Darrow and Frank Neufell, Selectmen, Bob and Gerry Bassett, Merle Kenyon, Police Chief, Gen Smith, Dennis McKean and Bonnie J. Haubrich, Administrative Assistant.


Minutes of May 5, 2004:  Motion by Steve to accept the Minutes of May 5, 2004 as submitted.  Seconded by Frank.  All in favor.


Letter from New England Municipal Consultants re:  contract:  Jennie read a letter aloud from William Krajeski, New England Municipal Consultants.  The first issue addressed the contract cycle.  The maintenance contract covers the 2004 valuations, the 2003 abatement requests, the 2004 new construction pick-ups and review of at least 25% of existing parcels, general advice and assistance.  The period to actually cover these tasks is January 1, 2004 to January 1, 2005.  He suggested the present contract expire December 31, 2004.  The second issue involves the 2005 valuation.  The DRA has scheduled Grafton for review for 2005.  The 2003 review was ordered by the Board of Tax and Land Appeal and will need to be updated to satisfy the DRA.  The cost for this process will be $17,500, which does not include the yearly contract sum of $7,500.  Frank noted that the contract cycle has to accommodate the Town Meeting, March to March.  Jennie and Steve agreed.  Jennie noted that the Board will be required to present a warrant article for $17,500 on the March ballot to satisfy the DRA.


Certified Mail Receipt – John Thompson, Jr., 427 Kinsman Road:  Jennie informed the Board that another certified mail receipt has been received regarding junk/junk vehicles.  Frank noted that quite a few of those receiving notification have done an excellent job in cleaning up their properties.  It was noted that a few of those people have not made any progress and that they have until the end of the month to comply.


9-1-1 Address Assignment – (1) Matthew Monahan, Sargent Hill Road, Map 17, Lot 0661 (2) Philip and Wendy Forest, Blueberry Hill Road, Map 19, Lot 0640:  Jennie noted that the 9-1-1 forms for address assignments have been sent on behalf of Monahan and Forest.


State of New Hampshire Dept of Transportation Driveway Approval, Albert Morgan, 788 Main Street:  Jennie stated that Albert Morgan, Main Street, has received approval for construction of a driveway from the State of New Hampshire.  Jennie asked the other Board members if Mr. Morgan was actually constructing the driveway from Route 4 or if he was coming in off Dragon Creek, as it appeared that work was being done from Dragon Creek.  Frank stated that perhaps it is just within the right-of-way, but that the State had issued the permit.


NH Dept of Environmental Services Approval for Construction – (1) Douglas Carpenter, 225 Main Street, Map 12, Lot 0720-01 (2) Russell Poitras, James Way, Map 11E, Lot 0513 (3) Russell Dubuc, Main Street, Map 17, Lot 0233:  The Board reviewed the approval for construction from the NH Dept of Environmental Services for the above properties.


Intent to Cut:  (1) Shawn Wood, Cherry Hill Road, Map 11, Lot 0004 (2) Michele Charest, Wild Meadow Road, Map 12, Lot 1027-4 (3) Stanley Kimball, Turnpike Road, Map 12, Lot 0786:  The Board reviewed and signed 3 intents to cut; Wood, Charest and Kimball, pending verification that their property taxes have been paid in full.  Bonnie will check with the Tax Collector before sending out the approval.


Building Notification – Merle Kenyon, Island Road, Map 16, Lot 0089, Russell Dubuc, Main Street, Map 17, Lot 0233:  The Board reviewed and signed a request from Merle Kenyon, Island Road and one for Russell Dubuc, Main Street.  Bonnie asked the Board if there was a fee for Dubuc for the shed.  The Board said that there were no fees for anything that did not constitute living space.  The Board instructed Bonnie to send a letter to Mr. Dubuc instructing him that he needs to request driveway construction permission from the State of New Hampshire as his property is on Route 4.


Jay Waldner, Upper Valley Land Trust Exemption Denial:  The Board signed a letter of denial for tax exemption to Jay Waldner, Upper Valley Land Trust.


Loftus & Borgstrom, P.C. (representing Lawrence Heath, Kilton Pond Road) Request for Extension Cleaning up Junk and Junk Vehicles:  The Board signed a request for extension of removing junk/junk vehicles for Lawrence Heath.  Mr. Heath has until August 1st to rid his property of all junk/junk vehicles.


Grafton Historical Society and Grafton Congregational Church– Letter Regarding List of Real Estate and Personal Property Exemption Application Filing Notice:  The Board signed letters requesting these organizations fill out the exemption applications which are required annually to be filed with the Selectmen.  (It appears that these tax-exempt organizations have never been aware that this is required annually.)  Bonnie informed the Board that she is trying to reach a contact for the East Grafton Christian Church to send a letter to them also.  Jennie suggested sending it to Chester Martin in Danbury.


Landfill Closure:  The Board discussed the contract with Horizons and the fact that the employees now employed by Horizons are mainly comprised of prior employees with Provan & Lorber who knew our landfill and what has been done to date with the closure process.  Also, Jennie noted that another firm may require new wells or repeating the testing already accomplished.  Steve stated that he was under the impression going elsewhere may cost $3 – 4,000 more.  The Board asked Bonnie to fax the information from the State of New Hampshire and the contract to Horizons.


Abatement Requests: 

Jeffrey Ayres, Blueberry Hill Rd, Map 15, Lot 0015                                       Denied

Ann Brisson, French Hill Rd, Map 07, Lot 0654                                              Denied

Paul Comeau, Sargent Hill Rd, Map 17, Lot 0982                                            Denied

Michael Cowen, Slab City Rd, Map 16, Lot 0318-01                                       Denied

Cornelius Davison, Wild Meadow Rd, Map 12, Lot 0188                             Abate

Margaret Emslie, Cherry Hill Rd, Map 11, Lot 0870-03                   Denied

Christine Ferguson, Parker Rd, Map 06, Lot 0842-03                                     Abate

Frank’s Auto & Excavation, Map 12, Lot 0938                                               Abate

Sharon Gallagher, Main Street, Map 16, Lot 0773                                           Abate

Sharon Gallagher, Main Street, Map 16, Lot 0881                                           Denied

Grafton Country Store, Map 17, Lot 0330                                                        Denied

Edward Grinley, Slab City Rd, Map 16, Lot 0092-03                                       Denied

Paul Lafreniere, Slab City Rd, Map 20, Lot 0043-01-A                   Denied

Mark Lodi, Riddle Hill Road, Map 10, Lot 0061                                               Denied

Roy and Shirley Mogan, Main Street, Map 02, Lot 0029                               Denied

Moran Rev Trust, Height of Land Rd, Map 01, Lot 0650                              Denied

Michael Murphy, Turnpike Rd, Map 12, Lot 0174                                          Abate

David and Patricia Nasco, Dragon Creek, Map 11, Lot 1175                         Denied

Marie Nicolazzo, Bear Hollow Road, Map 16, Lot 0495-A                             Abate

Robert Peck, Millbrook Road, Map 07, Lot 0889-03                                       Denied

Brenda Pierson, Bassett Lane, Map 17, Lot 1216                                            Denied

Glenn Reese, Barney Hill Road, Map 17, Lot 0317-02                    Abate

George Soeters, French Hill Road, Map 07, Lot 0663-01                                Abate

Michael Sforza, Millbrook Road, Map 12, Lot 0802                                        Denied

Richard and Beverly Smith, Turnpike Rd, Map 06, Lot 0457                         Abate

Clayton Stockwell, Public Works Road, Map 11, Lot 0064                           Denied

Cheryl Babbitt-Sullivan, Cherry Hill Rd, Map 11, Lot 0799                           Denied

Virginia Tillson, Snug Harbor Road, Map 02, Lot 0913                  Denied

Michael Trimpi, Orange Pond Road, Map 02, Lot 0920                 Abate

NH Electric Cooperative, Parcel UTL 0002                                                       Denied

Granite State Electric, Parcel UTL-0001                                                            Denied

American Tower, McIntyre Lane, Map 11, Lot 1036-2T                                Denied

Gerard & Gilda Demers, Cherry Hill Rd, Map 11, Lot 0026                            Abate


Michele Fairbrothers – Building Notification – Driveway Permit:  The Board reviewed 3 letters sent to Michele Fairbrothers, Wild Meadow Road; (1) building notification permits required by the Town of Grafton, (2) the need for a Town approved driveway and (3) property dispute.  The Board noted that Ms. Fairbrothers has failed to respond to any of the letters and that there are complaints about the number of mobile homes on the property, the wires and water lines running across the road, and obstructions in the road/town right-of-way, making unsafe travel along the road.  Ms. Fairbrothers was sent a letter, at the direction of New England Municipal Consultants, Ltd, suggesting she seek legal opinion regarding the property dispute, the driveway issue will be turned over to the Grafton Planning Board and the Selectmen will send a certified letter to Ms. Fairbrothers informing her that she has until June 15th to comply with Town regulations, clean up the property and remove things from the Town right-of-way.


State of New Hampshire, Dept of Transportation – Notice of Conference:  The Board reviewed a letter from the State of New Hampshire Department of Transportation notifying them of a Regional Safety Conference to be held on May 25, 2004.  Merle and Bob also received a copy of this notice.  Merle and Bob noted that they presently have no problems regarding any portion of the State Highway through Grafton.


Police Department Responses for the Month of April:  The Board reviewed the Police Department report for the month of April.


RSVP Raffle:  Jennie read information regarding a raffle (John Deere mowing tractors) on behalf of RSVP.  Jennie instructed Bonnie to put the tickets out to see if there is any interest. 


Sargent Hill Bridge Reimbursement Update:  Bonnie informed the Board that she had received a phone call from Bob Barry, State of New Hampshire, and Jim Karmozyn, H.E. Bergeron, to say that the State has received the Town’s request for reimbursement, but that the project will be completed within the next couple of weeks and that reimbursement will be forwarded after completion, unless the Town is having a hardship waiting for the funds.  Jennie said that she is of the opinion that the State should undertake any future bridge projects due to the cost, the processes and the “headaches”.  Frank agreed that the Board had to take on a large roll in the process and that the bridge cost appeared to be substantially higher than when the State handles the project.


Planning Board Funds:  Jennie informed the Board that June had contacted Mascoma Bank and that the cost to set up a savings or checking account along with the monthly charges would be cost prohibitive as this time as the Planning Board had only $76+ presently.  Frank suggested the funds be held until there is a minimum of $100 to set up the account with or that the Board “lend” them enough money to set up the account and then the Planning Board could pay the Town back.  Frank informed the Board that the Planning Board, according to the DRA, cannot take possession of driveway permit funds.


Other Business:

Junk/Junk Vehicles:  Jennie stated that there have been numerous complaints regarding the property on Main Street next to the Grafton Center Cemetery and Shirley Smith’s property on Riddle Hill Road and that those property owners need to receive the same notification sent out to the previous property owners.


Recycling Center:  Frank noted that he has an information flyer to be handed out to property owners in regard to what types of materials can be recycled through the mixed paper program.  He stated that the cost to copy these (about 500 copies) would be cost prohibitive ($100+ per toner cartridge) in our office and asked if the project could be done at Staples or Gnomon Copy.  Jennie asked if the Town had any savings coupons for Staples for printing projects.  Bonnie affirmed there is a $10 coupon for printing.  Frank suggested taking the funds from the Solid Waste budget and move funds towards the end of the year, if the budget is too low.


Mike Duffy/Horizons:  Mike Duffy, Horizons, (having arrived after the discussion regarding the Horizon contract) was given a copy of the signed contract and a copy of the letter from the State of New Hampshire, noting noncompliance for reporting.


Town Office/Fire Station Parking Lot:  Bonnie thanked the Highway Department for the nice job of sweeping the parking lot in front of the Town Office and the Fire/Ambulance Station. 


 “Road Committee”- Gen Smith:  Gen circulated information regarding the Road Committee’s first meeting.  She noted that Camela Tupper had stood in for David at their meeting on May 11th, as David was not available.  She noted that their purpose is to identify road safety issues, identify maintenance issues, identify alleged road encroachment issues and identify damage to private property.  The Committee will collect road information from the public through a collection box at the Post Office, which will be monitored by the Road Committee and then will work on the issues with the Road Agent.  Steve noted that hopefully this will open communication between the townspeople and the Highway Department.  Jennie asked if the Committee will meet on a regular basis.  Gen responded that they will.  Jennie stated that Wesley was unable to attend the first meeting but looks forward to being part of the group.  Merle suggested the Committee devise a master plan to have long-term goals.  Gen stated that the Committee will report periodically to the Board.


Radio:  Frank asked Merle if he has ordered the new radio (with the grant monies).  Merle said that he has not as he is waiting for a 2-for-1 deal, which is, suppose to be available this fall.   


Junk/Junk Vehicles:  Dennis McKean stated that he had been present at the last Selectmen’s Meeting and was still unclear as to the Selectboard’s expectations and that he had studied the laws which state that if there is a 300’ setback and he has a fence (236:91—Industrial property) he is in compliance and that he is not operating an illegal business.  The Board asked Mr. McKean if he removes fluids (such as gasoline) from these vehicles before crushing/dismantling them.  He affirmed that he does and that he reuses the gasoline.  He said that he does not crush engines.  Jennie stated that it is not the Selectboard’s intention to put people out of business but that if anyone is going to crush vehicles they need to do it safely and legally.  Frank asked Mr. McKean what his intentions are.  Mr. McKean said that he does not intend to crush cars anymore, but that he does plan on repairing them and perhaps, at time, tow cars from one place to another.   He stated that he does not want the EPA on his property or digging holes.  Jennie informed Mr. McKean that he is not being singled out, that others had received the same letter.  A very lengthy discussion followed and Mr. McKean said that he would like a letter from the Board stating that he is in compliance so if anyone complains again.  Frank told Mr. McKean that the Board could not write such a letter, that they could instruct Mr. McKean not to break the law and there would be no further complaints.  Steve agreed with Frank and told Mr. McKean to stay within compliance to ensure no further communication from the Board.  Gen Smith asked if Mr. McKean could contact the State of New Hampshire for guidance on how to store/drain fluids and follow procedures.  Merle affirmed that he could contact “Green Yards” and they could get him the necessary information.  Frank asked that the discussion be closed as Mr. McKean had been given necessary information and that the conversation was redundant.  Mr. McKean asked how he would know that he need take no further action, having recently cleaned up his property.  Frank said that if he does not receive a citation at the end of the month, he is in compliance. 


Nonpublic Session:  Motion by Jennie to enter Nonpublic Session under RSA 91:Ac.  Seconded by Frank.  All in favor.  The Board returned from Nonpublic Session.  Frank made a motion to come out of nonpublic session and to seal the Minutes.  Seconded by Steve.  All in favor.


Junk/Junk Vehicles:  Merle asked the Board if their intention is to cite people who have not complied with the warning letter.  The Board noted that quite a few of the offenders have cleaned up, or have been given an extension.  Jennie noted that those not in compliance should receive a fine/penalty.  Steve asked what constitutes compliance, that the Board should establish criteria for the Police Chief.  Frank noted that 2 or more cars or the components to equal 2 is a violation.  (That cars have to be inspected and registered.)  Merle noted that when the time comes, he will need guidance from the Board.


Motion to adjourn by Frank.  Seconded by Steve.  All in favor.


Respectfully submitted - Bonnie J. Haubrich, Administrative Assistant to the Board of Selectmen




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Department of Revenue - Low and Moderate Income Homeowners Property Tax Relief for New Hampshire Residents - You are eligible for this program if you are:  Single with Adjusted Gross Income equal to or less than $20,000; Married or filing Head of NH Household with Adjusted Gross Income equal or less than $40,000; and own a home subject to the State Education Property Tax; and resided in that home on April 1, 2003. The application filing period is from May 1, 2004 until June 30, 2004.  Forms are available at the Selectmen’s Office.


2nd Annual Spring Town Wide Litter Collection - May 29th through the 31st.  Last year residents helped beautify over 33 miles of Grafton’s state and town roads!  For information, bags and road assignments for this year’s clean-up effort, please contact Gretchen Renee at 523-4517.  The spring litter collection is being sponsored by the Grafton Recycling Initiative (GRI), a non-profit organization promoting the reduction and recycling of household waste, is currently working on mixed paper collection and recycling of glass at the Transfer Station and generally meets once a month.


Grafton Volunteer Fire Department is looking for a few good volunteers.  If you are 18 years of age or older, a resident of Grafton, have a valid New Hampshire driver’s license and the desire to help our community please phone 523-7500 and leave a message for Chief Chris Williams.


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