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Strategy Poll 1
How soon should we decide on which state to move to?

Right now
After 1000 members
After 5K
After 10K
After 20k

Current Results

The Free State Project is a plan by which a critical mass of libertarian voters relocate to an underpopulated state and electorally take control of the state govt. From there we not only eradicate authoritarian state laws, but slowly wean ourselves off of federal control, until we are satisfied or possibly secede. Our goal is to get 20,000 freedom minded men and women to join the movement.

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August 27th, 2001
Please submit any and all logo proposals either to me (click here) or post them in the photo section of the Yahoo club, by September 1. I will then post them all in a gallery on the webpage and we will decide on an official FSP logo by 9-8. Please come up with something and submit it so we can make an informed and expedient decision for our logo. As soon as we get our logo, the world wide advertising blitz will commence, or something like that, and we will be looking for volunteers to form a PR committee. Let us know if your interested after the 8th.
Also the links have been reorganized and a few have been added. Added a lot of stuff to the State Data page, please read my short individual state reports and send comments, or write something for the ones I left blank.

August 24th, 2001

Short update today. The Yahoo club now has 100 members, a landmark of sorts. The bylaws and pledge pages have been revised on account of the previous poll results. If you missed Jason's group email, read them and see if you agree with the wording.
A FSP member reports that the FSP concept was recently mentioned positively on the radio in California, an unexpected PR bonus.

August 21th, 2001

The outline of the full manifesto has been posted. I envision this as being the definitive document of our cause and thus it should be nice and thorough. Please go read it and write an addition.
Our second round of polls is now over and here are the results:
Poll Results
Please take the time to answer our two new polls.
The FSP logo is an edited version of the image used over at Laissez Faire Books
I don't have permission to use it, and since we'd like to start advertising soon, we really ought to come up with our own logo. Thus I am now calling for all the graphic artists in the FSP membership to come up with an official logo. Monochrome color scheme is probably best, so that it won't lose visibility if printed in black and white.
I've added an Archive page so that the main page won't be cluttered with old updates, but the information will still be available to newcomers
If you are an FSP member and have a personal homepage, please link to us, and we'll return the favor. Thanks

August 18th, 2001

I have returned from Los Angeles and can now re-immerse myself in the FSP. As you undoubtedly noticed upon loading up the old page, you were redirected to this, our new official domain: No more tripod pop-ups, hooray.
Note: it has come to my attention that if you use Internet Explorer and follow the link from the original page the address line in your browser will still say, even though you are actually at the .com site.
Please update your links and begin advertising this site in force, I remember telling a few of you to wait for the transition before doing so. This will be the permanent page for the forseeable future. Much thanks to Robert Mayer and his accomplices for providing the free hosting!
Our membership is now 270, good, good, keep at it. Jason is encouraging everyone to vote in the polls. Think about it, when else are you going to have the opportunity to influence the direction of a grand social movement? Let us know what you think! The polls will only be open a few more days.
I have enjoyed reading all the strategy proposals on the club, its good to see decisive action being taken.
A few miscellaneous updates throughout, lots of links added to state data page, please send me any important ones I missed.
I'll try to update again this weekend, after Ive recovered from trade show aftershock.

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Strategy Poll 2
Should we switch the vote mechanism to Cumulative Count?

Doesn't matter

Current Results

Cumulative Count allots a specified number of points to each voter, say, 10 points. Each voter can then allocate these points among the candidates however he chooses. For example, he can give 5.2 points to one state, 3.5 to another, and 1.3 to another. The points for each state would be totalled, and the state with the greatest number of points wins. This system has numerous advantages over the current proposed system of runoffs: it allows "compromise candidates" to win by gaining a lot of second-preference votes, it takes intensity of preferences into account, and it allows for just 1 round of voting. The downside is that it's more complicated than the familiar majority-rules system.