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Reddy KillerWasp

The Free Town Project intends to liberate either a New Hampshire Town, or a Western County, by moving in enough Libertarians to control the local Government and remove oppressive Regulations (such as Planning & Zoning, and Building Code requirements) and stop enforcement of Laws prohibiting Victimless Acts among Consenting Adults, such as Dueling, Gambling, Incest, Price-Gouging, Cannibalism, and Drug Handling.

The proper function of Local Government ought to be to find ways to protect its Residents from the oppressive State, not to use State Laws against them!
We intend to ensure that the Sheriff's Office or the Town Police are never allowed to waste valuable Town resources (taken from the residents as Taxes, AT THE POINT OF A GUN) to oppress our residents by the investigation or enforcement of violations of Laws that punish Truancy ("Compulsory Schooling"), Drug Trafficking, Prostitution, Obscenity, Organ Trafficking, BumFights, and other Victimless "Crimes".

"Pessimism of the world view and optimism of the temperament."
-- Jakob Burckhardt

"Pessimism of the mind. Optimism of the will."
-- Romain Rolland

"It is not necessary to hope in order to undertake, nor to succeed in order to persevere."
-- Charles The Bold

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